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CorAgent Legal

Real Estate Investor/Broker/Property Manager -
Life Insurance & Annuities Broker-
Private Money Broker
/Process Server

WELCOME TO MY SITE!!  Let me tell you a little about myself:  After graduating from business school at age 18, I was headed for the entrepreneur life.  At age 19, I started a successful legal service and have provided services for over 200 attorneys in the Metro Detroit area.  I enthusiastically entered the real estate industry at age 23 and have never looked back.  Real estate has been my passion for over 30 years and I've mentored several new investors across the country since 2001.   I've had the pleasure of providing consultations, corporate structuring and business & real estate financing for my clients.  I'm a mom of 4 boys, and after the passing of my husband in 2020, I felt the need to obtain my Life Insurance license to help families with their estate planning, and to avoid the financial burden when a loved one is lost.  Please feel free to reach out to me for your real estate, financing and insurance needs.  I am here to help!! 

Corleon Real Estate LLC

Welcome to the Family!  

Investing in the Metro Detroit area since 1992, I've become very familiar with the aspects of real estate investing.  I'm also aware of the obstacles that many real estate investors face, both beginners and veterans.  I work with both buyers and sellers.  With decades of experience in the real estate field, this allows me to customize the strategy on each deal and offer creative solutions.  Visit my page for Current Deals and more! 

Life Insurance 

Do you have life insurance???  Most people have car insurance, health insurance, even insurance on their cell phone!  But we often forget about our end-of-life expenses and the burden it can put on our families when we're gone.  Did you know that there are policies that you can get 100% of your money back if you don't die?  We have guaranteed issue policies with no medical exams, regardless of your condition, and kid's policies as low as $4/mo.* which will never increase AND builds a cash value for their future.  No one is guaranteed tomorrow - get covered today!  Contact me for a no-obligation quote!